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    Double screw machine fault and processing method

    Time:2016-12-13 16:11:52  From:Website    Back

     Temperature control system
    1, the host of a section of the temperature is too high
    (1) cooling system failure: 1) check valve is normal, under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic valve with air blow apart;
    2) whether the pipe or cylinder block
    (2) the failure of the temperature control table: 1) the high temperature section OUT2 lamp is bright;
    2) the cut-off valve is too small
    (3) solid state relay or two-way thyristor damage: 1) replacement of solid state or thyristor (4) screw shear is too strong: appropriate weakening
    2, the host of a district temperature is too low
    (1) thermostat failure: low temperature OUT1 lamp is on (2) the heater power is small or half a piece of heater damage, short circuit (3) valve opening is too large, the electromagnetic valve with air blow apart
    Two, host system
    1, automatic parking
    (1) pump fault: check motor protection switch is tripped (2) melt pressure alarm: check the melt pressure alarm value is correct; changing head; head temperature is low (3) current meter gauge: engine speed increase; reduce the volume of feed; (4) reduce the governor fault: check the reason, after reset (5 other than the auxiliary interlock) alarm
    Three, feeding system
    1, automatic shutdown: whether the fault feeder speed governor; low; the material is too large; the feeding screw is suitable for the material
    Four, lubrication system
    1, oil pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch
    Five, cooling system
    1, the pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch 2, cooling water is not through: the pump does not work; water shortage; water pressure is between 0.2-0.4MPa.
    Six, vacuum system
    1, vacuum pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch
    2, vacuum table no indication: 1) the valve is not open; 2) is really fast leak; 3) the vacuum pump water is too small; 4) the vacuum chamber is blocked;
    Seven, hydraulic station system
    1, no pressure: 1) relief valve plug plug; 2) hydraulic oil is too little; 3) seal damage; 4) oil filter damage;
    Eight, the machine will appear in the operation of the problem
    1, gear box to produce oil foam: 1) oil plus too many; 2) gear box does not vent
    2, screw plastic effect is not good: 1) the screw combination is too weak; 2) screw wear serious; 3) the temperature is not suitable
    3, vacuum chamber material: 1) the engine speed is too fast; 2) screw combination is not reasonable; 3) the material is not good;
    4, often broken bar: 1) the material is not good plastic; 2) material impurities too much; 3) the vacuum is not enough, the porosity is too much;
    5, the material is too wet: 1) early water; 2) drying machine and cutter position backward; 3) reduce the engine speed and cutter speed;
    6, the material too: 1) the material temperature is too high; 2) cutter, the air pressure is too high;
    7, particle length: 1) die plug; 2) die uneven temperature;
    8, eager to block the pipeline: 1) the material temperature is too high; three) 2 plus one section; 3) one meter, the elbow angle should not be too large;
    9, granulator uncrushable: check pressure
    10, particle with a burr: 1) check whether the cutter at the die flat; 2) fixed knife and knife gap;
    11, high water temperature: 1) to check the external circulating water tank water supply; 2) position is too low

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