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    Characteristics of parallel co rotating twin screw units

    Time:2016-12-13 16:09:28  From:Website    Back

    European rectangular tube, the optimization of the layout of the countercurrent cooling flow channel, so that the D type regional temperature difference is smaller. Innovative design of the heater in a way to ensure efficient heat transfer and high heater life. According to the material and the specific requirements, the cylinder material can be used standard steel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other special materials and processing methods.
    Cutting way diversification: such as water cut grain, a cold wind cooling die face cutting, water ring die face cutting, eccentric cutting under water mist, die face cutting etc..
    The precise design of screw elements, through precision machining, flexible combination and interchangeability, complete all kinds of transmission and mixing, pressure, extrusion and self cleaning process, materials of high quality 38CrMoALA or W6M5oCr4V2 material, with a special heat treatment with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
    Using modular principle, unit length diameter ratio, combination, barrel and screw feeding way, net changing and cutting instrument, self-control mode can be combined according to the process requirements, to achieve the unity of universality, universality and specificity.
    Feeding multiple forms: single screw and double screw, lateral feeding, liquid filling system etc.. In order to adapt to the different feeding powder and granule, materials and liquid material.
    New type gear transmission system:
    New parallel three axis transmission scheme, integration of deceleration and torque distribution, import of key bearing.
    Computer design optimization of gear parameters, strengthen the design safety margin.
    Material selection of transmission parts, super high strength alloy carburizing steel, grinding process, tooth surface strengthening treatment to ensure high torque, high precision, low noise.
    Lubrication gear lubrication and oil spray lubrication combination.

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