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    • What are the characteristics of twin-screw extruders?


       First, the twin-screw extruder has the principle of an extruder for a single-screw extruder: solid transport melt pressurization and pumping mixed stripping and de-evaporation, but this is not the case.

      The research from its extrusion process is roughly divided into three parts:

      1. To understand the true state of the physical state of the two or more polymers and materials during the extrusion process, the shape of the mixture, the progress of the structure change, and the relationship between the final mixture and the function.

      2. As a twin-screw extruder, the internal relationship between the reaction process, speed, function and screw configuration and operating conditions during extrusion reverberation molding, and the establishment of a model to guide the reaction molding extrusion.

      Twin screw extruder with long-lasting reliability

    • Double screw machine fault and processing method


       Temperature control system
      1, the host of a section of the temperature is too high
      (1) cooling system failure: 1) check valve is normal, under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic valve with air blow apart;
      2) whether the pipe or cylinder block
      (2) the failure of the temperature control table: 1) the high temperature section OUT2 lamp is bright;
      2) the cut-off valve is too small
      (3) solid state relay or two-way thyristor damage: 1) replacement of solid state or thyristor (4) screw shear is too strong: appropriate weakening
      2, the host of a district temperature is too low
      (1) thermostat failure: low temperature OUT1 lamp is on (2) the heater power is small or half a piece of heater damage, short circuit (3) valve opening is too large, the electromagnetic valve with air blow apart
      Two, host system
      1, automatic parking
      (1) pump fault: check motor protection switch is tripped (2) melt pressure alarm: check the melt pressure alarm value is correct; changing head; head temperature is low (3) current meter gauge: engine speed increase; reduce the volume of feed; (4) reduce the governor fault: check the reason, after reset (5 other than the auxiliary interlock) alarm
      Three, feeding system
      1, automatic shutdown: whether the fault feeder speed governor; low; the material is too large; the feeding screw is suitable for the material
      Four, lubrication system
      1, oil pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch
      Five, cooling system
      1, the pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch 2, cooling water is not through: the pump does not work; water shortage; water pressure is between 0.2-0.4MPa.
      Six, vacuum system
      1, vacuum pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch
      2, vacuum table no indication: 1) the valve is not open; 2) is really fast leak; 3) the vacuum pump water is too small; 4) the vacuum chamber is blocked;
      Seven, hydraulic station system
      1, no pressure: 1) relief valve plug plug; 2) hydraulic oil is too little; 3) seal damage; 4) oil filter damage;
      Eight, the machine will appear in the operation of the problem
      1, gear box to produce oil foam: 1) oil plus too many; 2) gear box does not vent
      2, screw plastic effect is not good: 1) the screw combination is too weak; 2) screw wear serious; 3) the temperature is not suitable
      3, vacuum chamber material: 1) the engine speed is too fast; 2) screw combination is not reasonable; 3) the material is not good;
      4, often broken bar: 1) the material is not good plastic; 2) material impurities too much; 3) the vacuum is not enough, the porosity is too much;
      5, the material is too wet: 1) early water; 2) drying machine and cutter position backward; 3) reduce the engine speed and cutter speed;
      6, the material too: 1) the material temperature is too high; 2) cutter, the air pressure is too high;
      7, particle length: 1) die plug; 2) die uneven temperature;
      8, eager to block the pipeline: 1) the material temperature is too high; three) 2 plus one section; 3) one meter, the elbow angle should not be too large;
      9, granulator uncrushable: check pressure
      10, particle with a burr: 1) check whether the cutter at the die flat; 2) fixed knife and knife gap;
      11, high water temperature: 1) to check the external circulating water tank water supply; 2) position is too low

    • Characteristics of SP double mixing extrusion granulation unit


       The first order SHJ series double screw extruder, cylinder and screw combination design, the discharge end is not installed can die, mixing ability, distribution, good dispersing effect advantage, make the PVC thermo sensitive material such as plasticizing kneading, extrusion mixed fully.
      Second order SJ series single screw extruder, the long diameter ratio of the screw is short, can be in the shear state to complete the plastic and longitudinal mixing and extrusion granulation, to avoid overheating decomposition.

    • Characteristics of parallel co rotating twin screw units


      European rectangular tube, the optimization of the layout of the countercurrent cooling flow channel, so that the D type regional temperature difference is smaller. Innovative design of the heater in a way to ensure efficient heat transfer and high heater life. According to the material and the specific requirements, the cylinder material can be used standard steel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other special materials and processing methods.
      Cutting way diversification: such as water cut grain, a cold wind cooling die face cutting, water ring die face cutting, eccentric cutting under water mist, die face cutting etc..
      The precise design of screw elements, through precision machining, flexible combination and interchangeability, complete all kinds of transmission and mixing, pressure, extrusion and self cleaning process, materials of high quality 38CrMoALA or W6M5oCr4V2 material, with a special heat treatment with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
      Using modular principle, unit length diameter ratio, combination, barrel and screw feeding way, net changing and cutting instrument, self-control mode can be combined according to the process requirements, to achieve the unity of universality, universality and specificity.
      Feeding multiple forms: single screw and double screw, lateral feeding, liquid filling system etc.. In order to adapt to the different feeding powder and granule, materials and liquid material.
      New type gear transmission system:
      New parallel three axis transmission scheme, integration of deceleration and torque distribution, import of key bearing.
      Computer design optimization of gear parameters, strengthen the design safety margin.
      Material selection of transmission parts, super high strength alloy carburizing steel, grinding process, tooth surface strengthening treatment to ensure high torque, high precision, low noise.
      Lubrication gear lubrication and oil spray lubrication combination.

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