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      • SHJ-50 Twin screw granulation unit
      • SHJ-60 Twin screw granulation unit
      • SHJ-65 Twin screw granulation unit
      • SHJ-75 Twin screw granulation unit
      • SHJ-95 Twin screw granulation unit
      • TSE-60 Engineering material plastic granulation unit
      • TSE-95 Twin screw granulation unit
      • SHJ-65-150 Double order
      • SHJ-75-180 Double order
      • TSH-75 High torque double screw
      • TSH-65 High torque double screw
      • TSE-50B twin screw extruder
      • TSE-35 The water stays granulator
      • TSE-50 The water stays granulator
      • SHJ-35 Twin screw granulation unit

      Ningbo runing machinery equipemnt co.,Ltd.

            Is the development, production, sales and service of high-tech companies in the field of extrusion machine industry for many years. At present, it is mainly devoted to manufacturing and related processes of high efficiency single and double screw mixer, which is the main equipment. According to the material system and process, to achieve structural design optimization of mixing equipment, melt mechanical and electrical, process integration, is the accumulation of many years of experience and integrated technology. Product range covers single screw extruder, mixing, the same to the twin screw with mixing unit and ancillary equipment, etc.. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, plastics and rubber industries are becoming more and more important to our lives,...



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